About Us

Nevada Container Solutions, Inc. specializes in the reallocation and distribution of barrels, buckets, tanks, and totes ranging from 3 to 330 gallons. Our client spectrum ranges from everyday walk-ins up to large industrial companies.

Our most popularly stocked items include:

  • Plastic 275-gallon totes
  • Steel 55-gallon barrels 
  • Plastic 55-gallon barrels
  • Plastic 30-gallon barrels
  • Plastic 15-gallon barrels
  • Steel 5-gallon barrels 
  • And much more 

Every barrel and tote has a variant in color and type, ranging from food grade or safe and non-food grade.

Food-safe means the containers prior use was for storing food for transportation.

Non-food-grade means it uses varied for transporting products other than food.