55 gallon Poly Barrel (closed top)

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These 55 gallon barrels are sold in two variants, food grade and non food grade.

         Food Safe 

  • BPA-Free!
  • Made from Food-Grade Polyethylene
  • Dark blue color restricts light and helps control growth of harmful algae and bacteria. (Available in a natural or opaque, blue and solid white color as well)
  • Perfect for Emergency Water Storage in the event of water contamination and natural disasters.
  • Non removable lid with two 2’ bung caps for filling & dispensing.
  • Repurposed, clean, and ready to use. 

       Non Food Grade  

  • Made of the same material as the food safe barrel but their prior use was for non food grade products. 
  • Great for liquid disposal, trash cans, compost bins, sewage tanks, and many more around the house projects. 


*35" Tall x 23" Diameter

*Sizes may vary based on manufacturer

Find our blog for additional information on how to utilize the many uses of these barrels around your house or business. 

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